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Squiz reusable pouches are a simple and healthy alternative to disposable food pouches. With all the convenience of disposables, Squiz pouches are more ecological, economical, and more fun! Designed for all ages (babies, children, teens, adults), fill them with homemade goodness and enjoy them anytime, anywhere. Reusable an average of 50 times, Squiz allows families to combine healthy eating while reducing waste.

The perfect partners

for on-the-go families!

Snacks • Baby Food • Yogurts • Smoothies

  • Clever: Eat anywhere with no mess - no need for spoons or accessories.
  • Ecological: Reusable approximately 50 times, produced and packed in Europe.
  • High Quality: Made in Switzerland with European materials.
  • Worry Free: Leak-proof zipper withstands over 50kg of pressure.
  • Practical: Unbreakable, lightweight and freezer-safe.


With two different sizes (90ml and 130ml) and a wide range of designs, Squiz is perfect for all the family!


Our smaller pouches are ideal for beginning the weaning journey! Adapted for small hands, Squiz allows you to easily offer your baby different flavours and textures.


Our larger 130ml size is ideal for on-the-go snacks – no more crushed biscuits and sweets at the bottom of the school bag!


For sport, at the office, or when traveling - Squiz means healthy snacks for grown-ups too!


Our pouches were designed with adventure in mind! Our patented double-zip withstands over 50kg of pressure, so you can use them anywhere without fear of messy leaks.

  • In the pushchair
  • In the car
  • At the park
  • At sport
  • At the childminder

How to use Squiz

Squiz pouches are easy to fill, store (in the fridge or freezer), carry, and clean…a simple all-in-one solution! Plus, the extra-stong zip withstands up to 50kg of pressure - no leaks here!

1 - Open

2 - Fill

3 - Close

4 - Clean

Why choose Squiz?


Squiz pouches were designed to be easy to fill AND easy to clean. With no corners to 'trap' food, you can be sure your pouches are completely clean. The double zip sealing system at the base of the pouch closes with a simple press and stays perfectly closed – no fear of finding a messy surprise in your bag! Made of a durable 3-layer plastic, Squiz is tough enough for daily use with no risk of tears.


A single pouch can be used to store, reheat, transport, and eat – Squiz is a real time-saver for parents! Squiz has been designed to make life easier: space to write names and dates, a transparent window to see what's inside.


You don't need to be a chef to use Squiz! Parents in a hurry can also fill pouches from family-size packages of yogurt, smoothies, or fruit purées. Whether you're looking to save money, save the planet, eat better (or all of the above!) there's always a good reason to use Squiz!


Squiz can be filled with any sweet or savoury recipe - the only limit is your imagination!

  • vegetable purees
  • smoothies
  • yogurt
  • fruit purees
  • porridge
  • soup...

Our story

Who are we ?



As a midwife and mother-of-five, Elizabeth knows babies!! Born in the United States, trained in midwifery and teacher for handicapped children, her career has taken her to many countries and different positions, always centred around education and the mother/child bond.

Very attentive to the needs of children and women, Elizabeth has worked to create an association in Turkey, Bursa International Women's Association, to bring together Turkish and foreign women for educational and charitable projects. Elizabeth discovered reusable food pouches during a visit to the USA. She loved the idea and decided to bring this idea to France. Squiz was born!



After 15 years of loyal service to a large French auto-maker (PSA Peugeot Citroën, not to name-drop...), this engineer by profession took the leap in January 2014 and resigned from his job to join Squiz's ecological cause. This goes to show that Elizabeth's enthusiasm is contagious!

Not satisfied to simply bring all of his management know-how and his savvy for business strategy to this start-up, Nicolas has decided to recycle his experience (no pun intended). From Paris to New York, via London, Chennai, and Shanghai, he has picked up new skills with his recent Executive TRIUM MBA to bring to his new crusade.

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