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• How do I fill a Squiz pouch?

Squiz are filled through the large zippered opening at the bottom. You can either pour directly from your blender or other container, or use a spoon or funnel. Then simply press along the double zipper to close. If you prefer, Squiz is also compatible with all pouch-filling systems (eg n Fill Squeeze, Infantino Fresh-Squeezed) - but these are not essential.
  • Don't forget to put the cap on before filling!
  • To keep your hands free, put the pouch upside down in a tall glass.
  • Do not exceed the fill line on the back.
  • After closing the zip, wipe off any food residue if necessary.
  • In case of filling problems, please see: 'I have a problem with my Squiz leaking.'

• How do I wash a Squiz?

You wash a Squiz pouch just like a baby bottle. Although you can wash it in the top rack of the dishwasher, we recommend hand washing to extend the life of your Squiz. Just gently wash it with soapy water and a bottle brush. The shape of the pouch has been designed so that food residue does not get 'trapped' in the corners. Rinse it and let it drain upside down on your counter top, your draining board, or on a bottle tree.
  • For stubborn stains (if you have waited a long time before washing, for example) or in case food is stuck behind the zip, fill it with warm soapy water, let it "soak" like that for five to ten minutes, then shake the water-filled pouch (and squeeze a bit from the middle to get the water behind the zip).
  • We recommend that you do not soak your Squiz in the water too long or let it 'wait' at the bottom of the sink (which can cause the protective film on the design to peel off.). (See question 'The plastic film on my Squiz peeled off, is this a problem?').

• Do Squiz pouches contain toxic substances?

No. Squiz is a product designed by parents, for parents - we take the health of your children very seriously! Our pouches are made of plastic that is guaranteed free from BPA, Phthalates, PVC, lead and other dangerous substances. This is why we have selected 100% European components and have chosen to entrust the production of our pouches to a Swiss factory. Our pouches are manufactured in strict compliance to European standards with maximum traceability of materials and the highest manufacturing quality.

• Can I carry a Squiz pouch without a risk of leaks?

Squiz are specifically designed to be taken anywhere without making a mess everywhere! We designed a patented double zip that makes them both perfectly sealed (our factory tests showed resistance to a force equivalent to 50 kg) and resistant to attempts to open by curious little hands!
Tip: The zip is very strong, as we expect it to last! Be gentle when opening and do not pull too hard on the zip - this could lead to the zip detaching from the pouch walls after awhile.
In case of problems, see the question 'I have a problme with my Squiz leaking'.

• How many times can I reuse Squiz and why?

Squiz pouches are reusable, but not indefinitely. There are many advantages over other types of reusable pouches: more convenient to fill and wash thanks to its large zippered opening; more convenient to use because a child can really hold and eat the entire pouch without making a mess; more convenient to carry because it is light and thin (and completely without the risk of leaks). Plus, the convenience of preparing meals in advance, easy storage (very flat), and cost.
However, these advantages affect the lifespan of your pouch. The average number of recorded uses is about 50. The exact amount of time it will last depends on how you use it (type of washing, storage, heating, transport ...) If you want to prolong your pouch's life, treat it 'with love' (prefer washing by hand and air-drying in particular).
For hygiene reasons, we recommend that you also change your Squiz regularly (as a guide, dummy and bottle nipple manufacturers advise changing their products every two to three months). It is up to you, of course, to decide whether your pouches are in good condition and 'clean' enough. If in doubt, it's better to replace them.

• Can I reheat my Squiz pouches in the microwave?

We recommend that you do not heat Squiz in the microwave because it can produce 'hot spots' and increase the risk of scalds and burns.
If you prefer to use the microwave rather than warm them in warm water (not boiling), here's how:
  • Remove the cap and place the Squiz slightly inclined in a shallow dish.
  • Set the microwave to defrost mode, or very low power (400-500 watts), for up to one minute.
  • Do not forget to properly knead the Squiz and taste before giving it to a child.
  • If you choose to heat your puree then pour it in your Squiz pouches, avoid overheating, both to avoid the risk of injury and to prevent damage to the plastic from excessive heat.

• How long can I store food in a Squiz?

It depends on the method you used to make your food (temperature, cooking time, sugar content).
Squiz conservation time is identical to any plastic container like Tupperware. We recommend that you generally do not exceed 2-3 days in the fridge and, if in doubt, taste your preparations before giving them to your child. However, you can freeze your Squiz if you plan to make large quantities in advance. And if they need to stay cool during your outings, they are easy to slip into a small portable cooler.

• I have a problem with my Squiz leaking.

First, examine your Squiz pouch to ensure there is no damage, tearing, or that the zip has not detached from the pouch wall. If you notice a defect, please send us a photo and details of the problem to help@mabonneetoile.eco and we will find a solution. If you see nothing abnormal, it's probably just a little problem handling the zip which is nothing serious!
Check the following after filling up your Squiz to the fill line.
  1. Does it overflow when you begin to close it?
    If it does not overflow, then try re-closing the zipper, going from one side to the other several times until you feel that everything is firmly “clipped” and that there are no small "bumps" on the zip.
  2. Try it over your sink by pressing on the pouch: you will see if it is closed or not!
  3. If after these checks, your Squiz continues to leak, please contact us at help@mabonneetoile.eco and send us a photo and details of your problem.
It is normal, however, that with time and repeated use, the zip will harden and becomes less easy to close. It's a sign of normal wear which indicates that it's soon time to replace your Squiz!

• The plastic film on my Squiz has peeled off, is this a problem?

Rest assured that the plastic covering the drawing is purely cosmetic, so if it peels off the only risk is that the picture is no longer protected and the colours could fade faster. We have chosen to use a glue that doesn't contain solvents as a precaution for your children's health and the environment. The trade-off is that the glue is more sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. We recommend that you not leave your pouches soaking in water for long periods (See 'How do I wash a Squiz pouch?').

• Are Squiz recyclable?

Squiz pouches are, in principle, recycable. Unfortunately, most cities are not yet equipped to handle plastic packaging such as Squiz (the same for yoghurt pots and plastic film).
Until they are, consider upcycling projects (soon on our blog), to give them a second life once they have completed their 50 loyal uses - which is already a great savings of waste compared to disposable pouches!
Above all, we are doing everything in our power to minimize our ecological impact on our entire chain of production / distribution. This is why we chose to manufacture and package the pouches closer to their marketing area (factory in Switzerland, packing center in France, a small carbon footprint relative to goods traveling from China! ).
The packaging in which the pouches are sold is not only reusable but recyclable as it's made (in France) of a plastic film made of recyclable polypropylene, an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC.

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