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Squiz - A clever product for a cleaner planet

Our lifestyles are changing and the way goods are packaged today is more practical, but at a cost. The more products we buy in individual packaging, the more money we spend and the more waste we produce. By choosing resuable Squiz pouches over disposables, families have nothing to lose and everything to gain - save more and waste less! Since our launch in 2014, Squiz pouches have prevented 150 tonnes of packaging waste from being created!

Small Carbon Footprint, Big Social Impact

Eco-designed, Squiz pouches are manufactured in Switzerland from 100% European materials. The pouches are packed in France in an ESAT (an assocation which works towards the social and professional integration of people with disabilities) before being sent to a neighbouring company that handles customer shipments. “From the beginning of our project, Squiz has placed sustainable development and social responsibility at the heart of its DNA. Driven by its values, Squiz is committed to providing a solution to reduce waste and limit the impact on the climate and our planet.” - Elizabeth Soubelet, co-founder

B Corp Certification: Measuring our Impact

Squiz has been part of the B Corp community in France since its launch in October 2015. The B Corp certification brings together more than 2000 companies across 50 countries and 130 sectors with the shared goal of redefining business as a driver of positive and profound societal and environmental change. As part of this growing family of ethical companies, our committments were recognised with "Best for the World" nominations in 2016 and 2017.

The associations

we support


Squiz is pleased to support the GARIC project led by CARE France in Niger. It aims to reduce poverty in 2,500 households (17,500 people) in 8 towns in the Maradi region by increasing the resilience of the most vulnerable rural producers to food crises triggered by climatic changes. To help achieve this, 4000 women gathered in 60 groups were trained in agricultural practices adapted to climate change.

Care France

SQUIZ SUPPORTS AFAO (French Association of Oesophageal Atresia)

Atresia of the oesophagus is a rare and little known defect affecting 200 babies each year in France. It requires a transplant from birth, and has many complications children must learn to live with. Among other things, they can only eat soft foods - making Squiz pouches the perfect partner. The AFAO's goals are:

  • To support and educate families
  • To fund medical research, particularly in tissue engineering (reconstruction of the oesophagus)
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